viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Adaptalux is a modular lighting system for macro photography

Every now and then, there are projects on Kickstarter designed for a niche group of people. Adaptalux is one of those: it's a modular, flexible and nearly pocket-sized lighting studio for macro photography and videography. The team behind Adaptalux claims that the system is capable of creating an infinite amount of illumination environments, thanks to an interchangeable design which users can customize based on their needs. For example, the Control Pod lets you choose the amount of light sources (up to five) and the color of them, as well as control the beam angle for each. And, much like the familiar gooseneck desk lamps, Adaptalux's lighting arms can be bent and twisted almost any way you want.

Pledges that include an actual set start at £100 (roughly $150), with shipping expected to be in November -- but this is Kickstarter, after all, so we wouldn't bet on that date being 100 percent accurate. Still, let us know in the comments if you think this could be a useful addition to your photo/video gear.

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