martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Netflix's first batch of recommended TVs include LG, Sony and Roku sets

Among a slew of CES announcements in January, Netflix revealed that it would be recommending specific TVs for its streaming service. Today, the company finally revealed its first round of specially anointed sets, all of which will bear the "Netflix Recommended TV" label. Those include the LG's 4K UHD TVs with webOS 2.0, all of Sony's Android TVs, and Roku's sets from Hisense, Insignia and TCL. So what, exactly does the special label get you? In short, much faster access to Netflix. The company says they'll all launch its app faster than other devices (though we still don't know how much faster), and they'll also get access to new features sooner. In fact, Sony and Roku's TVs will soon have the option to turn on and launch Netflix with a single button. That's all great news for couch potatoes, but bad news for your productivity.

While the recommended TV label seems kind of unnecessary -- most consumers likely won't notice slight performance improvements over their existing Netflix apps -- it gives TV makers a push to make sure they pay extra attention to Netflix. And it'll likely become an essential label for 4K TVs, which will need all the optimization they can get to stream Netflix's huge 4K video files well.

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