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How a handless gamer dominates 'League of Legends'

Gamer Massimiliano Sechi has achieved "diamond" status at League of Legends, reserved for just a fraction of the game's estimated 67 million regular players. The kicker is that Sechi (aka MacsHG) was born without hands and one leg, putting him at a distinct physical disadvantage to other gamers, according to Razer's Character Select documentary. Lest you fear the video is some kind of pity piece, however, it's actually an uplifting laugh-a-minute thanks to the mocking rapport between Massimiliano and his brother, Simon -- who occasionally resorts to cheating at Legends because "I can't lose against my brother." Sechi is also an institution on his home turf in Sardinia, Italy, where he works as a car salesman and inspirational speaker.

Macs is also a celebrity on the LoL circuit and has even done a Reddit AMA. He drives a custom-built car, and does body-building, swimming and football. He also learned English from the er, colorful , Legends community, so of course it's liberally peppered with gaming jargon and cussing. Using custom gear (from Razer, naturally), he plays using his foot and arms, and achieved "diamond" status -- limited to the top 0.1 percent of players -- earlier this year. As one commenter put it, "this guy (is) Diamond and has no hands (and) I'm here stuck in platinum 4. Time to uninstall." But we don't think Sechi would buy that excuse. As he's fond of saying, "no limbs, no problem."

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