lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

Square's 'cashtags' turn a custom web link into a tip jar

We hope you didn't just get some business cards printed, because you're going to want a new set. Square already simplified card payments with its phone-based swipe widget. Now, it's introducing another way to fill your (digital) wallet: "$Cashtags." Choose your own tag ($dollabillz for example) and then anyone who wants to throw some money your way can just go to and securely wire you the green. The ease of being able to quickly claim a tag and then share it makes this an obvious boost for things like generating cash in emergencies (say, after a natural disaster), but it'll also help out those just looking for a memorable link to receive cash for general goods and services. Of course, this isn't to be confused with the (to be fair, definitely confusing) stock tags that Twitter introduced a while back (basically hashtags with a dollar sign for stock info). Want to claim your perfect $Cashtag? You'll need the square app, which is bad news for those not in the US. Still, fingers crossed that by the time it is, all the good ones won't be taken.

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