miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Netflix will roll out a new look for its TV apps later this year

This quarter's Netflix earnings report is especially interesting because it's the first one since HBO's online-only Now service launched, so investors and other looking to see how it responds to direct competition. The streaming company just announced that it not only added nearly five million subscribers in the last three months, but it has a new UI coming for its TV apps in the second half of this year. It's described as bringing video playback "forward" into the browsing experience, but there's not much more detail available. At CES in January, director of corporate communications and technology Cliff Edwards told us that it's looking to put internet TV on the same footing as cable, and a new way of using its apps could do a lot to help that.


We're wondering if Netflix could start pushing live streaming channels like traditional TV, or just video previews that start playing even before you choose what to watch. Netflix also plans to "evolve" to using HTTPS instead of HTTP while browsing and watching -- good for keeping your credentials safe on shady hotspots and possibly keeping your boss from knowing just how much you've been streaming at work.

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